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    So do we get a BFH server?


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    So do we get a BFH server?

    Post by 0m3ga13 on Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:15 am

    With the recent Beta, and the modes they allowed, for those of us who played it, is there interest in getting BFH? If so, what kind of server would we want to run? How many player server would we want, and are we willing to help fund the servers each month? Blood money was a fun mode for anyone who played it, objective of the game was to go to a cash pile and take it back to your vault, and reach $1 million, however you could also go to your opponents vault and steal their money and bring it back to your vault making them have to work harder to reach the $1 million, fun mode allowed for a lot of kills. There now was conquest, which they limited maps but I am sure with more maps out there could be fun usually conquest does well and did for us when we ran it with BF4. We have to come to a decision within the next month if we want 1-2 servers and if we are dedicated to help paying for it and running with it. Need everyone who is interested in playing it to comment. So we know as a community where we want to go with it.

    I know I have only mentioned two here, but I have ran a server before, and for those that played on it we did extremely well and I know these two will have good results for us, not saying that other modes wouldn't but I don't think it would get the results we want. If we get a player base going, and people start to want another mode then we can talk about it down the road.

    The last thing I wanted to touch on, and I think its best for us, when we do get a server or servers going, for those that want to be admin or mod for our servers, there will be a set minimum fee which will go towards server cost and keeping it up which will be $15 until we get more population. However you can pay more to help our servers stay up. Its good to have admins/mods but its hard to run a server for free.

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    Re: So do we get a BFH server?

    Post by VonHades on Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:27 am

    I would like to see a BFH server. I like the concept of Blood Money. Stealing and killing, what could be better? lol.

    I have always liked conquest maps. Attacking, defending and capturing points.

    I played the Beta and found it fast paced. Eventho it was Beta, it was still far better than BF4 in its live stage.

    Im throwing my hat into it, Im committed to having a BFH server

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